Caribbean Institute for Quality

Caribbean Institute for Quality



Established in 1999, the Caribbean Institute for Quality Ltd. (CIQ) facilitates the growth and development of globally competitive organizations in the Caribbean and Latin America and ensures individual professional enhancement for business excellence and international recognition.

CIQ sees itself as a knowledge, information, training and consultancy multi-disciplinary entity with its corporate philosophy placing particular emphasis upon quality, reliability, expertise and capability.  CIQ has partnered with key major international institutions to provide a complete range of internationally recognized quality training programmes and consultancy support services.

CIQ also engages in diagnostic work as an integral part of planning for the implementation of a quality management system.  Our consultants focus on business strategy as an integral component of Quality Management necessary to develop peak performance and to ensure that the organization’s goals are met.

CIQ can also infuse multiple quality approaches, industry specific standards, governmental regulations and other legal requirements under one cohesive system, leading to successful registration by any accredited registrar worldwide.   CIQ also specializes in systems design within the organization to achieve clearly defined objectives.

CIQ has designed and integrated interconnected courses to psychologically prepare and develop the core competencies of the employees for initiating and effecting new organizational structures and for creating a climate conducive to Quality Management.

 CIQ, in addition, offers a range of Executive Developmental programmes that is needed for the successful functioning in the new corporation.  CIQ also works with business leaders to initiate and manage the change through the transfer of technology.



•   American Society for Quality (ASQ), CSD Division

•  Loyola University, New Orleans (USA)

•   American Quality and Environmental Group (worldwide)

•   Food Technologist Inc., UK

•   Pinnacle Process Solutions International, USA

•   American Quality Assessors (USA)

•   Ritter Management Solutions (USA)

•   Omnex International Inc. (USA)

•   ComplyWorld, UK

•   IQMS, UK


Mr. Robert Peach - Technical Advisor to the US Delegation of the ISO 9000 Committee (TC 176), Past Board Member of ASQ which he helped developed; Past Chair of ASQ Standards Council, Fellow of ASQ; Founder of the Registration Accreditation Board (RAB), USA; Author of ISO 9000:2000 Handbook; Co-Author of GOAL/QPC Memory Jogger Series on ISO 9000:2000, Continuous Improvement and other Quality Management, ASQ First Freund- Marquardt Medalists

Mrs. Dianne Ritter - Principal Partner, Brassard & Ritter, LLC Worked alongside Deming, (Quality Guru) for over 25 years; consultant, trainer and Co-Author of GOAL/QPC Memory Jogger Series on ISO 9000:2000, Continuous Improvement and other Quality Management areas, worked with the ASQ, ASTD, Clemson University, U.S. Department of Education among others. Author of Sailing through Six Sigma.

Mrs. Cherry Ann Francis-Lau – QMS/EMS Lead Auditor; ASQ, Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ); Proctor for the ASQ Certified Professional Examinations; Consultant and Project Manager to many large organizations in Trinidad and the Wider Caribbean.

Past member of the World Bank Project (Business Expansion and Industrial Restructuring Loan - BEIRL) for Global Competitiveness of Industries in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean.   Worked with: the British Standard Institution (BSI), the world’s first accredited registrar.  Currently working alongside Universities and Accredited Bodies such as American Quality Assessors, SGS International Inc., QMI, Loyola University, American Society for Quality (ASQ) Divisions, USA.

Mr. Thomas Berstene – President of WorkForce Planning Associates, Inc., Past Chair of the Human Development and Leadership Division of American Society for Quality (ASQ).  Tom is the past Chair of the Business and Industry TIG for the American Evaluation Association (AEA).  He is a member of the International Society for Performance and Improvement (ISPI) and Connecticut Distance Learning Association and the local chapter of Association for Psychological Type.



All Directors of CIQ as outlined above including:


Dr. Paul Andre President of the American Quality and Environmental Group, Ltd., (Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Zurich, Belgrade, Skopje, Tel Aviv, Belize).  Board Member of the American Quality Assessors Registrar (AQA), Past Adviser to USA TAG for ISO 9001:2000/14001:2004; Chairman of Illinois Manufacturers Association Environmental Committee; ANSI/RAB Certified Senior Lead/Tutor for the RAB/QSA courses; Author of over 500 articles and six books including areas on ISO 14001/9001


Mr. Nateram Seecharan – Education Chair – ASQ, Edmonton Canada; Past Tutor for ASQ & Loyola University

Professional Certification programmes; Pastor, Church of Christ – Edmonton, Canada


Mr. Jeff Israel - Vice Chair, ASQ - Customer-Supplier Division. Author of Customer-Focus chapters in the “Certified Quality Manager Handbook” published by ASQ’s QMD, received the ASQ CSD R.A. Maass Award for publications and presentations on Customer-Supplier Relations. President of SatisFaction Strategies, LLC.


Cherrie Anne Joseph – Project Manager, Strategic Planning Consultant,   Certified in the PROSCI Change Management Methodology; Past Vice President of the Project Management Institute Southern Caribbean Chapter, the first Certified Program Manager in the Caribbean with an MBA and PMP certification and extensive experience in leading and facilitating the development of Strategic and Organizational Transformation efforts.


Dr. Keith L. Jones - IRCA Registered OHSAS/FSMS Audit Specialist for SGS and Bureau Veritas Accredited

Registrars. Compliance Consultant, Complyworld, UK


CIQs List of Clients includes but is NOT Limited to:

  • Ministry  of  National Security  -  Process  Improvement Training/Coaching/Guidance  Consultancy,  Strategic Planning (all Divisions)
  • Prisons Service of T & T – Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Succession Planning, Interpersonal Skills, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Technical Report Writing, Business Writing, Supervisory Management, Process Improvement Training and Coaching/Guidance, Total Quality Management, Train-the-Trainer, Strategic Job Task Analysis,  Process Improvement Training, Quality Systems Auditing, Total Quality Management, Time Management & Productivity, ISO 9001  Auditor Training/EMS Training, Continuous Quality Improvement Tools, Leadership
  • Chaguanas Borough Corporation – Process Improvement, Writing to Communicate, Strategic Planning (pending)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Strategic Planning Training/Coaching and Recruitment Interviews
  • Water & Sewerage Authority – Quality Training, Strategic Planning Training/Coaching, Process Improvement Training, Coaching/Guidance and HR/Industrial Relations Training/Employee Relations
  • Ministry  of  Public  Administration  and Information  – Process  Improvement Training/Coaching/Guidance, Development of Policy and Procedures Manual, Train-the-Trainer (Scholarships)
  • Ministry  of  Public  Administration  and Information  (NSF’s  –  all  Ministries)  –  ISO  9001:2000/  Process Improvement Training and Coaching/Guidance Consultancy, Development of Policy and Procedures Manual and Automated System (IHRIS)
  • Ministry  of Public Information, SATD  - Process Improvement Training/Coaching/Guidance  and Consultancy, Development of Policy and Procedures Manual, Supervisory Management
  • Ministry of Social Development - Process Improvement Training/Coaching/Root Cause Analysis
  • Ministry of Education – Quality Management Training and Quality Systems Auditing
  • Ministry of Public Service Academy - Process Improvement Training
  • Ministry  of Local  Government  - Process  Improvement Training/Coaching/Guidance  Consultancy,  Industrial
  • Relations
  • Ministry of Works - Process Improvement Training/Coaching
  • Ministry of Health – Quality Management,  Audit Training/Train-the-Trainer
  • PETROTRIN (several  divisions)  - Process  Improvement Training and Coaching/Guidance/Consultancy,  ISO/IEC 17025 Gap Analysis,  Technical  Report  Writing, ISO  9001:2000 in Engineering  and Construction,  Root  Cause Analysis, Effective Policies and Procedures Documentation, Supervisory Development, Train-the-Trainer
  • Dominica  Export  Import  Center  –  ISO   9001 Auditor Training/Documentation  Training/Consultancy,  ISO
  • 9001:2008 (new standards) Training
  • Ministry  of  Health (St.  Kitts/Nevis)  –  Process  Improvement, Benchmark  Assessment/GAP  Analysis  (ISO
  • 9001/14001/18001),  Change  Management/Quality  Management Training/  Consultancy  Support,  Executive Development, Supervisory Management
  • Ministry  of Communications,  Works  and Public  Utilities  (St.  Kitts/Nevis)  - Change  Management,  Quality
  • Management Training, Supervisory Management
  • The Government of St. Kitts- Office of the Prime Minister - Public Sector Reform (St. Kitts/Nevis) - Process
  • Improvement, Executive Development, Total Quality Management, Supervisory Management
  • CARIDOC  -  4  Plants  –  ISO   9001:2008 Benchmark  Assessment/GAP  Analysis/Consultancy/Pre-Assessment Audit/ISO 9001 Auditor Training/other Quality Training
  • Industrial   Plant   Services   Ltd.   -(Methanol Holdings  Trinidad   Ltd.)   -  4  Plants   –  ISO   9001 Benchmark Assessment/GAP  Analysis/Pre-Assessment  Audit/ISO  9001Auditor Training/Quality  Training,  Documenting Effective Policies and Procedures, Train the Trainer
  •  Petroleum   Tubulars  Services   –  Implementation of  ISO   9001/14001/OHSAS   18001/API   QI  Specification Consultancy   and Training/   ISO   9001/14001/18001   Auditor  Training,  Documentation &  Implementation, Benchmark Assessment/Gap Analysis/Pre-Assessment Audit
  •  PETROTRIN - Process Improvement Training and Coaching/Guidance/Consultancy, ISO/IEC 17025 Gap Analysis, Technical Report Writing, ISO 9001 in Engineering and Construction, ISO 9001 Auditing, Root Cause Analysis, Effective Policies and Procedures Documentation, Supervisory Development,  ISO 17025  Gap Analysis
  •  Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission – Root Cause Analysis and Problem  Solving, Process Improvement, Internal Quality Auditing
  •  BPTT  - Internal EMS  Auditing, Quality Management,  Supervisory  Management,  OHSAS Lead  Auditor, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Technical Report Writing, Performance Management
  • BHP Billiton – Environmental Lead Auditor, Root Cause Analysis, Quality Management
  • British Gas Company of T & T – Technical Report Writing, EMS Lead Auditor/Root Cause Analysis, OHSAS Lead
  • Auditor, EMS Lead Auditor Training
  • Tucker Energy Services Ltd. - ISO 9001 Auditor Training /Documentation & Implementation, Root Cause Analysis Training/ Benchmark Assessment/GAP Analysis/Pre-Assessment Audit (ISO 9001 & 14001)
  • Angostura – Project Management Applied, Lead Auditor and other Quality Training
  • Dominica Export Import Center – ISO 9001  Auditor Training/Documentation Training/Consultancy, Management Quality Sensitization
  •  Caribbean ISPAT - ISO 9002  & ISO 9001  Implementation/Training/Auditing/Continuous Improvement Tools and other Quality Management Training
  •  S.H.E Lab Services – Project Management Applied, ISO 9001  and ISO 14001  Auditor Training /Documentation Training, Root Cause Analysis, Supervisory Management Training
  • Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago – Process Improvement, Quality Management Training
  • The West Indian Tobacco Company Ltd.  – Statistical Process Control, Root Cause Analysis
  • Atlantic LNG – ISO 14001:2004  Lead Auditor, ISO 17025  Implementation, Internal Auditor Training & Quality Training
  • TCL Group of Companies – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001  Training/Audits, Quality Training
  • Hydro Agri Trinidad - Quality Customer Service & Training and Development
  • HHSL   Safety   Services   –  Implementation of  ISO   9001, ISO   9001 Auditor  Training,   Documentation & Implementation, Benchmark Assessment/Gap Analysis/Pre-Assessment Audit
  • Cameron Maintnance Services – Implementation of ISO 9001/ ISO 9001 Auditor Training, Documentation & Implementation, Benchmark Assessment/Gap Analysis/Pre-Assessment Audit
  • Caribbean   Steel   Mills   –  Implementation of  ISO   9001, ISO   9001Auditor Training,   Documentation & Implementation, Benchmark Assessment/Gap Analysis/Pre-Assessment Audit, Consultancy
  • COSTATT – Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Training


Shell (Trinidad) Ltd. PETROTRIN
The Power Generation Company Emergency, Health and Safety of T&T (EHS)
Industrial Gases Ltd. National Training Agency (NTA)
Carillion (Trinidad) Ltd. Industrial Plant Services
T&T Regiment Service T&T Bureau of Standards Label
National Training Agency Awarak Cement (Barbados)
Process Plant Services Eastern Regional Health Authority
Port Authority  Trinidad Cement Ltd.
Agostini Industries Caribbean Packaging
Fearnley Procter Ministry of Social Academy
Ministry of Public Administration and Information National Flour Mills
Universal Foods DEXIA (Dominica)
Ministry of Education T&T Defense Force
Trinidad Cement Ltd. BWIA
House Limited Intercommercial Bank & Royal Bank
Central Bank of T&T Central Regional Health Authority
Damus Ltd. Phoenix Park Gas Processors
Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of National Security
Atlantic LNG Trinidad AirGuard
Automotive Components Neal & Massy WoodGroup
T&T Telecommunication Service South-West Regional Health Authority
ArcelorMittal Nestle Trinidad
Ministry of Science and Tertiary Education SM Jaleel


Directors/Executive Education Committee

CIQ’s Directors comes with a wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience in people and organizational development and transformation.   They have also helped organizations to measure significant improvement in performance through the enhancement of processes; implementation of quality, environmental and health and safety management  systems  based  on  international  standards  of  excellence  and  to  achieve  certification  to  ISO

9000/14000/HACCP, conformance to OSHAS 18000, ISO 22000 among others.

Their combined experiences include but are not limited to Private Organizations, State Enterprises, Government and Quasi-Governmental Departments; Internationally Accredited Registrars such as BSI, QSI and SGS; NIST, US Delegation of the ISO 9000 Committee (TC 176), ASQ, ASTD, Deming, GOAL/QPC and the World Bank.

Affiliations include Accreditation Bodies such as: the American Society for Quality (USA and Canda), the Registration Accreditation Board (RAB), the Caribbean Council for Accreditation, International Accreditation Forum, IRCA among many others. This unique blend of experience proves valuable and serves well in catering to the various needs of organizations throughout the world.


CIQ’S Consultants/Facilitators

CIQ’s  local,  regional  and  international impressive slate  of  Facilitators/Consultants/Auditors is  highly skilled  and qualified and includes industry specialists.   Their qualifications include but not limited to RAB/IRCA/CCA QMS/EMS/ISO/IEC 17025 Registered Lead Assessors, ASQ Certifications, Masters, Phd’s.   They also guide the development, documentation and implementation of internationally recognized quality management systems to comply with International Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9001/14001/17025/18001/Health/HACCP and have achieved significant results. In addition, their experiences include Process and Organizational Transformation, Executive Development, Pre-Assessment Audits as well as final Certification Audits for world-renowned Accredited Registrars and Accreditation Bodies.

Our cadre of professionals bring a wealth of practical and relevant work experience that complement many business needs.

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