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Working and Living in the Cayman Islands

Working and Living in the Cayman Islands: How to Add to your Employability


Jobs in Tourism and Banking Make Up the Largest Part of the Job Market

If you are looking to make a mark in the job market by working and living in the Cayman Islands, then you can find a large number of employment opportunities in tourism, business, and banking. In fact, the Cayman Islands is touted as the world’s fifth largest banking center, having 279 financial institutions doing business there. The Cayman Islands themselves are made up of the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, with tourists and residents mostly residing on the main Grand Cayman Isle.

Seven Mile Beach – A Good Place to Vacation and Look for Employment

A popular spot and main attraction of the Cayman Islands is Seven Mile Beach on the main island, which features a large number of hotels and resorts. Therefore, many jobseekers looking for tourism or hospitality jobs are drawn to this area along with the large number of tourists that visit the site annually. 

Keeping Current and Learning New Skills will Make you More Employable

So, whether you are seeking a financial career or want to focus on the hospitality industry, working and living in the Cayman Islands is a rewarding experience. To increase your employability or increase your marketability when seeking a job, you’ll need to be open to learning and be flexible. Increasing your knowledge base can open up your job choices if working and living in the Cayman Islands is your ultimate goal. Therefore, improving your skills as well as keeping up-to-date on the latest technological developments in your field are important goals. Make it a habit to take part in webinars or seminars and take college courses that will enhance your abilities.

Demonstrate to Potential Employers that you Adapt Well to Varying Circumstances

Adaptability is an essential component in increasing your marketability in the workplace too. Therefore, in addition to acquiring new skills, you also have to be comfortable with thinking on your feet and taking on extra work with a measure of confidence. 

Challenge Yourself

Also, if working and living in the Cayman Island is your goal, you’ll need to be prepared to take risks. That means challenging yourself by leaving your comfort zone and taking on responsibilities that are more difficult.


Obtain Feedback and Learn from your Experience

While you are working toward your goal of working and living in the Cayman Islands, you’ll want to obtain feedback from interviewers as well. Don’t berate yourself for not getting a job but learn from the experience. This type of same dedication can also contribute to increasing your marketability.

Use Networking to Gain Visibility in the Job Market

Networking is yet another important component of increasing your employability for working in the Cayman Islands. Build contacts in your industry. You increase your chances for working and living in the Cayman Islands by networking and keeping in contact with people who work in the same or a similar career.