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Working and Living in Jamaica

Thinking about Working and Living in Jamaica? Make Networking Work for You


Jamaica – An Appealing Place to Work and Live

Jamaica is an island country that is located in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. It sits just south of Cuba. With almost 3 million people in the country, Jamaica has the noted distinction of being the third largest English speaking nation behind the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, many jobseekers from the North American continent like the idea of working and living in Jamaica as it gives them a chance to reside somewhere they’d normally choose for vacation.

You Must Obtain a Work Permit First if you Plan on Working and Living in Jamaica

Because Jamaica is a tourist-friendly country, it also has a large number of jobs available in travel and hospitality. In addition, jobseekers can also find work in such industries as manufacturing, insurance, financial services, and agriculture as well. If your goal is set towards working and living in Jamaica though, you first must obtain a work permit from the Minister of Labour in Kingston before you can even start thinking about applying to jobs. Once you acquire this necessary document however, you can start applying online, sending out resumes, and networking.

How you Can Use Networking for Getting Work and Making a Living in Jamaica

You can especially make networking work for you if you are planning on getting a job and living in Jamaica as it is a worthwhile way to establish contacts in your field of employment and acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings. By using networking in your Jamaican jobs search, you can get a better idea of the requirements established for certain jobs in your field of endeavor as well as glean advice and suggestions for contacting employers.

Networking Reduces Recruitment Costs

Actually, the networking concept made its debut in the 90s. However, now networking is a common form of business communication and essential for anyone who wants to advance in their career. Networking has become popular as it removes the costs entailed in advertising and recruiting job candidates. After all, it’s easier to hire an employee who has been recommended for a job versus trying to siphon through hundreds of applications.

Networking will Help Familiarize you with the Jamaican Job Market

So, if you are thinking about working and living in Jamaica, make networking a part of your job search plan. By practicing networking, you can also familiarize yourself with the Jamaican job market and lifestyle, all which will make the transition of getting a job and living in Jamaica just that much easier. As networking is a two-way street with respect to communication, you will be able to receive insights from others as well as share your own observations and make new friends.

Develop Long-term Friendships and Contacts

However, developing contacts is not something that can be done overnight. Nevertheless, if you start networking during your job search, you can continue to stay in contact with the people you meet which will make working and living in Jamaica all the more worthwhile.