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Working and Living in Bermuda

Achieving your Goal of Working and Living in Bermuda


Tourism and Business – Major Sectors in Bermuda

Bermuda is an island territory that attracts a large number of applicants to its tourism and financial industries. Tourism is a major industry followed by financial sector jobs. Business does indeed play a big role in fueling Bermuda’s economy as the island is home to the Bermuda Stock Exchange, which is distinguished as being the world’s biggest electronic securities market offshore.

Setting a Goal toward Working and Living in Bermuda

For anyone who plans on working and living in Bermuda, goal-setting is an important part of the process. If you are a professional, for example, who likes the idea of working in financial services and living in Bermuda, then you already probably have a skillset that involves goal-setting abilities. However, if you are like many people, you will often find that you fall short of your goals too.

Develop an Understanding of What Can Keep you From your Goal

Research conducted by one time management company showed that most people (or 4 out of 5 individuals) who set goals eventually do not achieve them. So, while goal-setting is an important skill, it’s also a wasted skill if you don’t set out to succeed at realizing your plan. Therefore, if you wish to achieve your goal of working and living in Bermuda, you also have to understand some of the roadblocks that can prevent you from succeeding.

Set your Goal with Realistic Expectations

For example, you may think that you can send out your resume and start working and living in Bermuda fairly quickly. However, you still have to look realistically at the process. It takes time to format and prepare a resume, let alone contact companies to schedule interviews. Plus, you may find, during your job search, that some of your skills need sharpening too. So, to make your goal achievable of working and living in Bermuda, you also have to assess the job search process from a realistic perspective too.

Making a Checklist Helps

Also, to realize your goal of working and living in Bermuda, you can’t be distracted. Waiting to prepare and send out that resume will not help you realize your objective. In addition, it’s important to outline what you plan to do in order to realize your dream of working in your ideal job and living in Bermuda. Making a checklist of activities can provide the motivation to galvanize you into action. That way, you can determine how you are progressing in your job search and see what activities you need to accomplish toward achieving your objectives.


Stay Focused on your Goal Even if Things are Going Slower than Planned

Again, don’t get discouraged if you have not yet obtained that Bermuda job. Once more, reaching your goal of working and living in Bermuda will not happen overnight. Just keep working at the process even if you are progressing more slowly than you expected. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and support during your job search. When you interact with others to achieve your goals, you’ll be motivated to achieve them.