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Working and Living in Barbados

Want to Work and Live in Barbados? A Good First Impression will Help you Get the Job


A Good Place to Call Home

If you are thinking of working and living in Barbados, then you have made a good choice. Barbados, which is situated in the Atlantic and lies east of the Windward Islands, boasts a healthy economy as well as a pleasant climate. Outside of the official hurricane belt, the tropical paradise experiences rainy weather from March through November. That’s why most snow birds flock to the island during the winter months.

Many Jobs are Found in the Southern and Western Coastal Areas

Many job applicants apply for tourism and hospitality jobs in Barbados as this is the island’s strongest industries. Most of the resort jobs then are located on the southern and western coasts – areas of the country that are noted for their serene, light blue waters and white and pink-tinted sands.

Making a Good First Impression

Because working in the tourism and hospitality field entails a good deal of people contact, you will need to hone your interview skills so you come across well in face-to-face interviews. To obtain the job, you need to be able to convince the employer to like and hire you. Obviously, because the interviewer has the upper hand, so to speak, you may appear underconfident if you aren’t well-prepared. If your goals are set towards working and living in Barbardos in the travel or hospitality industry then, you’ll have to make sure you create a good first impression. Therefore, when meeting with the employer, you’ll want to make sure that you pleasantly greet him and offer a warm and firm handshake.

Your Body Language – Demonstrating a Self-confident Attitude

Therefore, preparation is the key if you want to maintain a calm demeanor during the interview process. A good first impression is essential too in demonstrating a self-confident attitude. When you are well-prepared, it will also show in your body language, which will also denote how you feel about yourself.

The Importance of Maintaining Good Eye Contact

In addition to behaving calmly and comfortably, you also want to make sure you maintain good eye contact as well. After all, maintaining eye contact is important when dealing with the public. If you don’t maintain good eye contact with the employer, how can he believe you will do so in a public contact job? Naturally, he does not want a candidate who will look away or look down when dealing with the public.


Making the First Impression Count

First impressions are important as they set the stage for the remaining part of the interview. Most interviewers know that you will be a bit nervous when you are interviewing and expect it. Nevertheless, if you make a good, initial impression, you are bound to gain a competitive edge over other candidates. After all, if you are working at the front desk at a hotel in Barbados, you will be expected to make a good initial impression on customers visiting the establishment. Therefore, you want to make the same sort of impression then when you are interviewing for any job in tourism or hospitality. So, if you are planning on working and living in Barbados and are pursuing a public contact job, you want to focus on making the first impression count.