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Cover Letters For Every Situation

Four letter templates for your future job search.

1.     No job has been advertised, but you would like to work at this company.

Strategy: Write to the person who heads a department you would like to work in.

First paragraph: "I am writing to introduce myself and to inquire about opportunities to work in your department."

Second paragraph: "My background includes ..." (add two to three sentences about your experience).

Third paragraph: "I'd like to talk with you, in person or over the phone, about possible openings in (name the department or company). I'm especially interested in positions as a (job title) or (job title). I look forward to talking with you soon."

2.     No job has been advertised, but a mutual friend has recommended you make contact.

Strategy: Make the contact and offer to meet.

First paragraph: "Deirdre Ryan (the mutual friend) has suggested I contact you. I am a (credential or title) with extensive experience in the (industry) field. Deirdre said you are always looking for experienced (job title).

Second paragraph: "My background includes ..." (add two to three sentences about your experience).

Third paragraph: "I will be in your area next week. Can we set a time to talk about possible openings in your company? I'll call in a day or two to confirm the arrangements. I look forward to meeting - Deirdre speaks highly of you!"

3.     A job has been advertised.

Strategy: Respond by matching your skills to those requested in the job posting.

First paragraph: "I am writing to respond to the (job title) position advertised in (newspaper) this week."

Second paragraph: "I am a (?) professional with experience in the (?) industry. My strengths include: (bullet list or paragraph noting your skills as requested in the ad)."

Third paragraph: "I would like very much to discuss this position with you.

I will call next Tuesday to arrange a meeting. Thank you for your consideration."

4.     You have met with an employer and want a second interview.

Strategy: To thank this person for the meeting, and to remind him or her of your skills and availability.

First paragraph: "Just a note to thank you for our meeting yesterday regarding the (job title) position. I especially enjoyed the tour."

Second paragraph: "I would very much like to work with you in this position.

I'm quite interested in the (insert topics here) we discussed, and the challenge of (?). We ran out of time before I could mention my previous experience as (insert relevant skill here)."

Third paragraph: "I'd like to meet again soon to discuss how I might fit in at (company). You have a terrific department and I'd be proud to be part of it."

Debbie O'Halloran